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Built by an Agent for Agents!

It started as a collaborative effort between a leading e-business consulting firm with extensive real estate industry experience and a top real estate agent. The agent knew the industry was changing and she needed to change or be left behind. The consultants knew all the intricacies of MLS data management and Web-enabling key business processes to achieve dramatic operational efficiencies and integrated customer relationship management tools. Combining more than 30 years of real estate industry experience with the power of database-driven, Web-based technology has resulted in a business solution that knocks the socks off those who experience it - RealKISS.

Our solution is at once enormously sophisticated and complex, yet absolutely simple to use. After all, you don’t really care how it works. You just want to experience the results it delivers – totally satisfied clients, an enhanced professional image and operational efficiencies that get you out from behind the desk to close more sales!

Building this system would cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you can give your Buyers and Sellers a RealKISS today for a tiny fraction of that cost. No agent can afford to be without the proper tools to compete in today’s Internet-centric world, so…

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