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Agents are faced with an increasingly complex and demanding marketplace. RealKISS was designed to address the issues you face every day and create an environment and support structure that enables you to be as successful as possible selling! The net result for you is being involved in more deals and making more money!

How many of the issues listed below apply to your situation?

  • I lost sales last year because I wasn't the first to know about houses coming on the market.
  • I could tell my assistant how to do it, or do it myself...delegation is difficult in my office.
  • I am not offering anything unusual in my marketplace and so I am not a standout in production... but I want to be!
  • I don't know if anyone designates my site as a Favorite when they visit.
  • I want to touch more transactions and make more money next year.
  • I could handle more transactions, if there was a simple way to delegate, automate, and administrate my listings and closings.
  • I could sleep or I could try to keep my Sellers happy.
  • I have Buyers that are looking at For Sale by Owners because they don't think they need me.
  • I have contractual dates that I need to track and know to represent my clients and not jeopardize their position in the
    negotiations. I reach a maximum number of sales that I can process.
  • My Buyers want to be the first to know about a new listing in the marketplace and they are mad if they don't! 
  • My Buyers would do much of the work themselves if they had the tools, but I am afraid that is the only reason they need me.
  • Out-of-town Buyers are not calling me first because of my presence on the web.
  • My Sellers want feedback immediately after all showings and the agents don't return my phone calls.
  • My Sellers need to know what the competition is doing to be realistic about their prices and I don't have time to tell them.
  • My Sellers start to look for another agent after 120 days. They think a new agent will make a difference.
If any of these points apply to you and your operations, you owe it to yourself to check out RealKISS – an innovative combination of powerful real estate tools that have been melded into an integrated solution that will help you achieve your sales and client service goals!


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