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Brokers face a wide range of issues in today’s marketplace. RealKISS was designed to address the issues faced by you and your agents every day and create an environment and support structure that enables your agents to be as successful as possible selling! The net result for you is attracting and retaining the best performing agents for your firm which means enhanced profitability for you.

How many of the issues listed below apply to your situation?

  • My top agents are going to competitor's offices.
  • I need a way to recruit the brightest and best agents to my firm.
  • My agents are expecting my company to innovate and I don't know where to start.
  • Some of my agents need help getting their business off the ground and growing
  • I need to develop a consistent brand image across all my agents that’s professional and solidifies my market position
  • I need to promote my firm’s listings better between my agents and the general public
  • I need to generate more leads from my Web site
  • Allocating leads between agents is difficult
  • My agents lose Sellers after the initial listing period. They think a new agent and firm will make a difference.
  • I want my firm to handle more transactions and have all my agents make more money next year.

If any of these points apply to you and your operations, you owe it to yourself to check out RealKISS – an innovative combination of powerful real estate tools that have been melded into an integrated solution that will help you and your agents achieve your sales and client service goals!

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