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Your agents need an edge in the marketplace. Without the right tools supporting your business, Buyers and Sellers will go somewhere else and so will your best agents.

RealKISS is that edge

RealKISS creates a level of meaningful interaction and service that will set you apart from other brokers and their agents. Give all your agents and their clients a RealKISS that will knock their socks off!

Why is RealKISS so important to you and your agents? More than 85% of all Buyers and Sellers shop for their agent online which means your broker and agent Web sites and interactive support tools are the keys to your firm’s ongoing success!

What do your or your agents’ Web sites say about you and your agents? Upwards of 75% of visitors bookmark a RealKISS site – meaning they’ll be back and they’ll tell others about the site!

Beyond a great Web site, RealKISS empowers Buyers and Sellers! RealKISS never forgets an appointment and is there 24/7 every day of the year! It frees your agents up to sell, rather than being chained to a desk trying to return messages, schedule appointments, and scouring listings for each buyer.

Check out our full list of FEATURES and see how RealKISS's powerful array of Web-based tools can move your firm to another level!

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