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RealKISS gives you a full-featured contact manager that lets you easily keep track of all the important information for your prospects, clients, friends, family and business associates. You can create an unlimited number of groups (i.e., lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, past buyers, etc.) to which you may assign your contacts for purposes of organizing and identifying them when it comes time to send emails, letters and/or other marketing materials. You can easily export your contacts to integrate with postcard mailings and other third party lead generation activities.

As you know, email has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. RealKISS comes packed with amazing email capabilities that allow you to keep your buyers and sellers or any contact individual/group fully informed. RealKISS comes with pre-format t ed email messages that make your life a lot easier and you can add an unlimited number of standard emails for you to draw upon for any occasion. You no longer have to try to find that previous message that you sent or retype the same message over and over again. You can also set up email drip campaigns for prospects, buyers and sellers and let the system automatically send the next email when the time arrives. We make it simple for you . Real Simple. RealKISS

And remember, it’s all integrated together, so you have a comprehensive record of your contact’s history, correspondence, pertinent documents and important client relationship information (i.e., CMAs, marketing activities, buyer tours, flyers, etc.). It’s all there at your fingertips whenever you need it – you’re life just got a lot easier with RealKISS.




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