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Q. What is RealKISS?
A. RealKISS is your edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It’s a complete Web-based solution that not only gives you an eye-catching Web site, but contains advanced tools built for today’s Internet-centric real estate world. RealKISS is designed to communicate with your Buyers and Sellers with the critical information they demand… on time… every time… getting you out from behind the desk to close more business faster!
Q. How does RealKISS work?
A. RealKISS is Web-based subscription service that operates on our state-of-the-art network platform. Any Internet-capable device can access the administrative tools and contact manager, public Web site and search capabilities. When a broker or agent signs up for RealKISS, we configure their service with their identity into the public Web site, marketing templates (CMAs, brochures, emails, etc.) and administrative toolkit. Next, the local MLS data feed is integrated to power all of the advanced Home Search, Home Watch and related Buyer and Seller tools. Once configured, RealKISS is ready to begin working for you!
Q. What does it mean that RealKISS is Web-based?
A. Web-based means that you can access RealKISS from any Internet location and have as many users as you want. It also means that you don’t have to worry about upgrades, because they are always free to every RealKISS customer.
Q. Can RealKISS be integrated with my current Web site?
A. Yes. RealKISS can quickly and easily be added to your existing Web site.
Q. How do I access all of my RealKISS tools?
A. Once your RealKISS site has been created, we will give you a log in and password that will allow you to access your administration site. The specific Web address you will use will depend on whether you have your own domain name for your public Web site (i.e., www.susierealtor.com).
Q. I have had computer tools in the past and they are always hard to use. Is RealKISS hard to use?
A. No, absolutely not. As our name implies, we are all about keeping it simple. Our main objective is to provide the best tools and make them easy to learn and use!
Q. How can I get new updates? Do I have to buy a new software version?
A. No! Since RealKISS is Web-based, all updates are FREE and happen automatically. You’ll receive a New Feature Update Bulletin from us with the details about the upgrade and any necessary instructions on how to use the new feature.
Q. What kind of training tools do you offer?
A. RealKISS has extensive online support tools, including an easy-to-follow manual with step-by-step instructions on how to use every function of your RealKISS site. We also have toll-free customer support and email support as well as live Web seminars that cover critical aspects of your service.
Q. Can I have multiple users to my RealKISS site?
A. Yes. RealKISS works great for teams where several assistants need to access the information. Each user can have their own separate login and you can set permission levels for them to limit their activities, if necessary.
Q. Will my RealKISS site be customizable?
A. Yes. You have full control of the pictures, logos, and text on your Web site. We have many templates from which to choose or we can help you create your own. We also have professional design people available to assist you with any special needs, such as logo development and content development for your site.
Q. Is RealKISS compatible with MLS?
A. Yes. We are experts at integrating MLS data feeds into the RealKISS system to power all of the advanced Home Search, Home Watch and related Buyer and Seller tools.
Q. What exactly does RealKISS include?
A. RealKISS has an extensive array of crucial tools to help you serve your clients better and help you become, or stay, #1 in your market. Please check out the FEATURES section for a full explanation of the RealKISS service.
Q. What does RealKISS mean?
A. Keep It Simple Software for Real Estate Pro's! You owe it to yourself to take the time to find out what it can do for you and your business.

Get RealKISS – it’ll knock their socks off!