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We know you’ll see an immediate difference when you begin to check out our amazing features and experience first-hand just how easy they are to put to work in your business – making a RealKISS difference for you and your clients.

Our Keep It Simple Pledge
RealKISS is 100% committed to giving you the most comprehensive and advanced set of business tools that are easy-to-use and designed to add real value to your prospects, buyers and sellers. We listen to you and continually add new features and better ways of doing existing tasks with RealKISS. Our goal is to give you everything you need to become, or stay, #1 in your market in a simple-to-use system. That’s why we never ask for a long-term contract or piece-meal our services. Real Value. RealKISS

Have It Your Way
RealKISS comes with a fully customizable Web site as part of our standard package, but if you already have a Web site it’s absolutely problem. We can integrate our RealKISS tools directly into your existing Web site. Then, if you should decide at a later date that you want to use one of our many attractive templates, you can always convert your site at no extra charge. All our Web site templates can be customized to reflect your brand, personal tastes and personality. Our experts are available to help guide you through the process quickly and easily.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
RealKISS is Web-based, so you can access your information from anywhere there is an Internet connection, including your hand-held device. Another great aspect of Web-based technology is that if you have multiple members of your group or team, they can all be logged on to the system at the same time at no additional cost!

Unlimited Users
RealKISS will never charge you extra for assistants or other team members to have access to your tools. We know that how you work often requires another set of hands and eyes, so you can add as many users and clients to your service as you want. Adding a new user only takes seconds and you control all the permission levels for what they are allowed to do on RealKISS



The RealKISS Difference
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Seller Management   Schedule Management
Buyer Management   Transaction Management
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Free, Automatic Program Upgrades
We're constantly adding new features and we encourage you to let us know how we can make our service even better with your great ideas! All the new enhancements come free of charge as part of your normal service package - so don't worry, get creative!

Backup and Data Security
We’ve been doing this “Web” thing for years and we’re experts at deploying the most reliable, secure Web-based services. We know that you and your clients will come to rely heavily on our RealKISS service and we’ve built it to always be there for you – 24/7 – guaranteed!

Data Privacy Made Simple
In line with our Keep It Simple philosophy, you can rest assured that we will never disclose, sell or use your data in any way that you don’t explicitly approve.

Contact Import Support
We help you get off to a fast start by importing your existing contact database into RealKISS. This lets you send your current prospects, buyers and sellers an exciting announcement email about them having immediate access to all of RealKISS's great features - a wonderful way to reinforce your commitment to them and your business!

Unlimited, Toll-Free Technical Support
RealKISS includes unlimited, toll-free technical support, as well as email and fax support, all at no extra charge. We also have extensive online support in the form of easy-to-follow manuals, help videos and FAQs as well as periodic free Web seminars that cover topics designed to help you get the most from your RealKISS service.

Toll Free 877-3My-KISS (369-5477)
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